Do you work for or own a company that was once a part of the Ford Motor Company? If that’s the case, you should read this MyFordBenefits thread from start to finish because it applies to you.


Members of MyFordBenefits with an X-Plan are qualified for the Ford Partner Recognition Program. Ford employees, both present and formerly employed, as well as their families and friends, can participate in this savings plan. Read this article to gain a deeper understanding of the Ford X Plan and related information.

MyFordBenefits X-Plan Eligibility

The same benefits offered to Ford employees through their partner recognition programmes are also offered to customers. On the other hand, customers ought to be eligible for these benefits. These are the conditions of the Ford X plan.

  • retired or current Ford employees
  • spouses and household employees
  • current occupant or former worker
  • cooperating companies with authorization
  • Ford Motor Company invited customers; family, friends, or neighbours sponsored by active or former Ford employees.

MyFordBenefits X-Plan

Here’s how the Ford X Plan works if you qualify

  • The user must dial 1-800-348-7709 to get the PIN. (Only accessible twice a year, this PIN)
  • For more information on the Ford Partner Recognition Program, contact your nearby dealer.
  • Put in your PIN number and a means of identification, like:

Acceptable forms of identification include payment receipts, business cards, health or W-2 cards, and printed or current membership cards.

  • Friends and neighbours are not required to provide proof of eligibility.
  • They can then use the Ford X-Plan after that.

MyFordBenefits Partner Login

A user or employee can access more information about their Ford X plan directly through the site if they need it. That is how to.

  • Visit a partner site or the Ford website.
  • The user must enter a partner code on the home page.
  • To get the membership code, call 1-800-348-7709.
  • Choose either the United States or Canada as your country after entering the partner code.
  • Submit and analyse all Ford X-related data. Plan’s

The Ford X Plan is a part of Ford’s Neighborhood Partner Recognition Program, which offers savings to the friends and relatives of Ford employees.

How to use the Ford Partner website and eligibility for the Ford X Plan are covered on this page. Please use the box below to express any feedback or inquiries you may have about this article.