Employees at Ford Motor Company, one of the world’s most recognisable companies, receive first-rate treatment. Ford Credit is the automotive financing, dealer stock, and leasing division of Ford Motor Company.


Thus, Ford Credit Management is now completely web-based, with all credit reports and credit-related services made available to staff members via online portals.

Get your account number from your first statement; you’ll need it to sign up for online access. MyFordBenefits on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, or the FordPass app are all good places to start the registration process.

When logged in, you can view details about the following features and services:

  • bargain a payment plan with the seller
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Modify the expiration date (see our instructional video below)
  • Check your recent and past bank statements and payments for any discrepancies.
  • Count up the money that’s owed to you (“Payment”).
  • Make sure you know when your lease is up.
  • Set up email and/or text message alerts

Enrollment in MyForPay

  • Click here to instantly log in.
  • Your initial user ID on the website is your Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Your birthdate in the format MM/DD/YY is your initial PIN code.
  • Your username, as well as your username and PIN number, must be updated after your initial login to my ford benefits.
  • This user ID and PIN are necessary to see your performance data while using the employee login panel to log in or carry out authorised transactions.
  • Select the department you want, as seen in the example above, or “US Employees.”
  • To access your account, register.

The information provided above on MyFordPay and its services will be useful to you. The page also explains how to sign up for MyFordPay. I hope the information I just gave you was useful.