HR Online

Prior to the introduction of MyFordBenefits HR Online in 2021, Ford Motor Company’s human resources division lacked a coordinated approach.

Because the intranet was created at the divisional or corporate level, there were few guarantees, and content and improvement efforts were frequently duplicated.


MyFordBenefits HR Online was introduced to the North American market in January 1999. On December 1 of the same year, it is planned for Great Britain and Germany to adopt the European version.

Due to their quick start-up time, they reaped huge benefits from data amassed by their American competitors (the needed groups did not convene until August). The rollout of MyFordBenefits HR Online was, therefore, an enterprise-wide effort.

The goal of this project was to develop an intuitive Internet-based tool that would allow personnel and supervisors to view their human resources records on MyFordBenefits from anywhere, at any time.

Ideally, the final solution would allow users to increase transaction volume or quickly access any information they choose with as little as possible in the way of training before use.

MyFordBenefits HR Online Paystub

Access your MyFordBenefits Hr and W-2 forms online at if you work for Ford Motor Company. The Ford Employee Website is available around the clock, every day of the week, to give workers easy access to everything they need from the Ford Company.

MyFordBenefits Paystub Login

The login page is the starting point for direct access to Ford Payroll for employees. Go to Ford’s main website first.

  • Look up there in the menu where it says “Ford Interior” and click on that.
  • After that, Ford’s group recruits American help.
  • On the page labelled “US Employees,” click “Your salary.”
  • On the screen labelled “Employee Hourly Location,” choose “US Employees – Your Salary.”
  • Go to the Pay / W-2 tab under Hourly Employee once you’ve seen your payroll information.

Workers can skip this screen and go right to Ford’s payroll if they choose to.

MyFordBenefits Payment Reminder

Paychecks can be downloaded and stored digitally or printed out as needed via My Ford Paycheck. You must register between three and five working days before your scheduled paycheck in order to obtain payment receipts.

Paystubs from the past can be purchased in the Accomplishment Shop.