Ford’s internal employee performance platform is called “MyFordBenefits.” Every worker would benefit from regularly checking in on this site in order to stay on top of industry developments and receive immediate benefits.


Ford provides its employees with a number of benefits, some of which are described below. Ford Motor Company treats its workers like members of its own family and provides them with a number of health care plans.

Any Ford employee, whether currently employed or retired, is eligible to apply for this financial assistance programme.

MyFordBenefits Benefits

  • Career
  • Life insurance
  • Incentives and salaries
  • Vacation pay and free training
  • Discounts for Ford vehicles.
  • Medical insurance, accident insurance, and more.
  • Eligible Child Benefits Application (OQMC)
  • Vision insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • additional unemployment
  • Fatal accident and administrative offenses insurance
  • Legal advance payment
  • Life insurance
  • Temporary disability insurance
  • long term disability insurance

Benefits for Retirees at MyFordBenefits

Professionals who have spent their lives furthering Ford’s goals. In return, we’d like to make sure you have enough money saved for retirement. That’s why every year we take a look at our retirement plans to make sure they’re still meeting retirees where they’re at and offering options that are both attractive and practical.

The rising national cost of health care is adding to the rising cost of providing health insurance for retirees. To ensure that our retirees always receive market-rate prices, we will keep making the necessary upgrades.

As a result, as of January 1, 2020, all retirees who are not yet Medicare-eligible will have two more health insurance options from which to choose.

The following are the 2020 medical plan options:

  • PPO 3600 + HSA
  • OPP 4000

Both plans include visits to any in-network doctor affiliated with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. The Health Savings Account (HSA) that comes included with the PPO 3600 + HSA plan can be used to put away money for both immediate and future medical expenses.