AXZ Plan

Health benefits, savings, and insurance, including AXZ plans, are just some of the goodies offered by Ford Motor Company’s MyFordBenefits to current and former employees and their families.

New vehicle purchase plan “plan A” is available to active employees, “plan X” is available to Ford Company partners, and “plan Z” is available to retired employees. When you sign up for an AXZ plan, you’ll be eligible for steep savings on a brand-new Ford vehicle.


New car purchases are subsidised for A and Z employees, retirees, and their families. Eligible workers can receive a maximum of four Pins per year. In order to acquire a PIN, one can either go online or dial 1-800-348-7709.

There are two versions of the X-Plan: one for close acquaintances and friends, and another, the SI, for business associates. Individuals who were part of the Friends and Neighbors X plan were supported by MyFordBenefits. If you log into your account on or by phoning 1-800-348-7709 once every calendar year, you’ll have access to four PINs.

Through the Ford Company’s Partner Plan X, employees can save money on the purchase of Ford vehicles. Two pins can be made per calendar year. Partner firms who qualify can get a PIN by visiting or calling 877-XPLAN-00 (975-2600).

Login to MyFordBenefits AXZ Plan

To access your account, please go to and enter your login and password. You need specific knowledge to use these applications. Visit for help if you don’t know where to start looking for this info.

  • Get started at to use the official site.
  • Next, select a preferred region and log in using your username and password.
  • When you are finished filling out the form, use the “Submit” button.
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