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Ford Motors, sometimes known as Ford Motor Company, is a prestigious American automaker. The Ford Motor Company was founded in Michigan in 1903 by Henry Ford. With almost 200,000 employees, Ford Motor Company had net revenues of over $150 billion in 2017.


Ford Motor Company is all over the world because it cares deeply about its customers and employees. The MyFordBenefits portal is only one way in which Ford Motor Company looks out for the health and happiness of its staff.

About US MyFordBenefits

As was previously mentioned, the management of Ford Motor Company has developed a new website called MyFordBenefits to ensure the health and safety of all of its employees. The MyFordBenefits portal is available to all Ford Motor Company workers who are interested in learning more about their specific job responsibilities.

Employees of Ford can view the following additional data through the MyFordBenefits portal:

  • By logging onto MyFordBenefits, current and former employees of Ford Motor Company can view details about their employment history at the company, starting from the day they were hired.
  • Ford Motor Company provides life insurance to its workers to ensure they will be taken care of monetarily in the case of an emergency or when they retire. Moreover, Ford employees can monitor their life insurance policies using the MyFordBenefits portal.
  • Wages and Benefits Details: The MyFordBenefits website is where Ford employees may go to see a detailed breakdown of their compensation from Ford Motor Company.
  • If there are any available vacation or training periods, you can check the webpage to see when they begin and end.
  • Purchase a New Ford Vehicle and Save! Ford offers a wide range of incentives and discounts to employees in several categories when they make a purchase of a Ford vehicle. For this reason, Ford employees can use the MyFordBenefits portal to find out about employee pricing and other benefits when purchasing a Ford vehicle.